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B2B Marketing Automation

It’s so much more than just e-mail automation

Marketing automation is a complex process that makes your life easier! 

If you need a seamless omnichannel presence, automatic data collection, or are bored of endless A/B testing and spending a colossal amount of time on your marketing, Ivanka Digital is here to help you!

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But what is marketing automation?

Basically, a set of tools that reduce time and work on marketing processes. They target the most time-consuming practices: customer service, social media, e-mails, data collection and analyzing, creating campaigns, sales funnels, etc.

Good automation software will help you implement and keep up with your online marketing strategy. Also, you can evaluate your leads' behaviour, to aid in your next campaign. Furthermore, the software can often create a campaign plan for you.

Ivanka Digital and marketing automation can help you maximize your ROI!

We have already helped countless companies in different fields and sizes achieve success and high returns around the world.

Let your company be our next!

It’s worth it to work with us

If you feel something is missing in order to step up your game, then working together with a team of pros is the most effective option.

Simply cost-effective

We would do so much more than just one employee, but for the same price. We provide a whole squad of marketing experts who know the latest trends and whose main focus is your success. Better results for a lower cost.

A new, unbiased opinion


Living and breathing your company is entirely different than looking at it from the outside. It can be beneficial to accept some advice from an experienced specialist. They can see and recognize problems that are invisible to somebody spending most of their time with the company, and even offer opportunities that are unknown or didn’t dare dream about them.

Fast adaptation to new and changing trends

In online marketing, being up-to-date is a must. Yesterday’s fix might not work today. Our expert team offers their experience and knowledge, along with bringing you the latest marketing and IT solutions to keep your strategy and marketing fresh, so you won’t miss out on anything!

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